Curriculum Map

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•What are the various types and styles of furniture?
•What are advanced tool processes and joinery techniques, and how can I put them to effective use?

*Types and styles of furniture
*Joinery techniques
*Tool processes

As outlined in semester 1

As outlined in semester 1

The mural project has delved into social, political, religious, and cultural themes. The current year's focus was on language/culture/technology.

Woodshop Fall

How will tools help us realize our ability to create in wood?

What are the elements of craftsmanship?

How can we communicate using wood as a medium?

How can we build our community through woodworking?

Elements of Design

Tools, Techniques, Terminology, Safety

Production work

Create a group mural using hand and power tools

Produce a series of wooden toys for Toy and Joy Makers

Sharpening, Clamping, Glueing, Fastening



Class participation/Focus

Teacher Conferences

Narrative reports




Guest Artists/Craftspeople

Exposure to different styles and types of woodworking in other cultures

Cross curricular projects with other Arts classes