Lower School

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Lower School teachers and students welcome parent volunteers in a wide variety of jobs from classroom help to organizing special events.

Grade-Level Assistance

The Lower School grade representatives work with teachers to organize and implement grade-related activities, such as providing assistance with social and academic activities, providing food for trips, parties, or conferences, and more. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities or volunteering, please call the PFA grade representative listed in your directory.

Classroom Assistance

Spend all or part of a day in the classroom completing tasks and helping children as directed by teachers. Listening to beginning readers and helping with dictation and other writing projects are frequent activities in lower grades. Upper grades tend to have less direct student interaction, but teachers frequently have projects and special needs that parents can help with. Look for the classroom signups in your child's classroom or email your child’s teacher if you are interested.

Library Assistance

Volunteer on a regular or when-available basis in the Lower School library, shelving books, checking books in or out, or assisting with other tasks as needed. If you are interested in supporting the Lower School Library, please email Lisa Ellenberg, Beginning and Lower School librarian, for more information.

Field Trip Assistance

Accompany classes on field trips, either on a bus or occasionally driving private vehicles. Assist with supervision of children, possibly providing food. Please consult the grade level newsletters for upcoming field trips or contact your student's teacher and let them know you are interested in volunteering with field trips.

Experiential Days

During Experiential Days, children venture beyond the classroom, supervised by teachers and parents, to share a broad variety of experiences on and off campus with other students of mixed ages. Volunteers are needed to lead, assist leaders, drive, and provide food or other materials for these non-traditional and highly memorable learning activities. If you are interested in participating with Experiential Days, please email Vicki Roscoe, Lower School head.

Food Drive

Each fall, during harvest time, the Lower School organizes a food drive to benefit Oregon Food Bank. We need volunteers to assist with assembling and transporting the collected food donations to Oregon Food Bank or other groups. If you are interested in participating, please email Julie Higgins, Lower School administrative assistant.

Pet Day and Field Day

Each year, the Lower School hosts two separate afternoon events in the last week of school. Pet Day involves a dog show outdoors and small animal viewing, usually in the Art Barn, both requiring supervision for safety and comfort of animals and children. Field Day involves a variety of track and field activities that may require volunteer assistance for set-up and supervising events under the guidance of the P.E. department. Opportunities to volunteer are posted in the Crier newsletter before the events.