Language Arts K

Curriculum Map

Unit Essential Questions Habits Of Mind Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension Integrated Learning

*Shared Reading (teachers/students reading together)
*Vocabulary development
*Prediction Questions
*Engagement of the Learner -- reading enjoyment
*Concepts about print
*Book Concepts
*Reading Concepts
*Use of drama
*Star Words (high frequency words)
*Word Walls (high frequency words matched to their beginning letter)
*Systematic Skill Instruction
*Phonological Awareness (hearing the sounds in oral language)
*Graphic Awareness (recognizing print)
*Phonics (letter/sound relationships)
*Decodable Books (beginning readers)
*Reading The Daily News
*Word awareness
*Phoneme Blending (blending phonetic sounds)
*Letter recognition
*Guided Reading
*Individual/Small Group instruction
*A variety of genres introduced
*Picture Books
*Read Aloud Books
*Big Books
*Independent Reading
*Looking at book times
*Stories on tape

*Children's literature
*Bob Books (phonetic readers)
*Easy readers
*Child-made books and materials
*Big Books for shared reading
*Literacy games
*The Daily News
*Big Books for shared reading
*Songs, poems, chants
*Labeled materials & areas
*ABC materials
*Classroom library
*Jennifer Foster/Jeff James Materials
*Nellie Edge Materials
*Susie Haas Materials

Post Office

• How does a letter get from one friend to another?

*Posing problems
*Generating ideas
*Applying past knowledge to new situations
*Thinking and working interdependently

*Letters have names, addresses, and stamps
*The Postal system has many parts
*Sequence for moving mail from one location to another
*Many people with different jobs help move the mail

*Recognize and write numerals
*Sort mail into categories, then individually
*Match addresses to post office boxes
*Handwriting: letters and numerals
*Create post office system in classroom
*Manage classroom mail within the system

*Teacher observation
*Anecdotal records

*Visit the Post Office
*Invite postal worker to visit class
*Visit school mail processing center

*Postal workers can be of any ethnicity, either gender


Graphic awareness (awareness of print)
Phonemic awareness (the sounds of oral language)
Letter/sound relationships
Letter recognition
Alphabet songs
ABC books
ABC flash cards
Letters in cornmeal
Wall stories
The Daily News
Reading wands used as a pointer while reading
Highlighter pens
Letter of the Week table
Pencil grip
Picture labeling
Name writing
Message Center (writing messages to family & friends)
Phonetic spelling (writing what you hear)
Classroom newspaper
Visual Documentation
Modeled writing of The Daily News (teacher writes)
Interactive writing of The Daily News (children participate)
Guided writing
Patterned writing (individual and class books)
Independent writing

Italic handwriting charts and labels
Susie Haas Materials
Jennifer Foster / Jeff James Materials