Media Arts 7

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Essential Questions: 

How can a film give voice to the voiceless?

Habits Of Mind: 



The 24 Minute Film Project kicks off each rotation: make a film in 24 minutes.

Various Assignment Choices:
I Am: A Self Portrait
Pixelation: Stop Motion Animation of Living Things
Halloween Horror
A Hope For The Year
Community Project
Poetry Project
Special Effects Test
African American Filmmaker Study
Foreign Film

Skills and Processes: 

Variety of camera angles

Adapting poetry to another medium


Production planning

Audio/Video editing

Intellectual property rights

considering the audience

exploring all mediums available to a filmmaker



screenings of rough cuts

online peer evaluation

self reflection

screening of final cut to a large audience


camcorders / GoPro


stop motion software


Final Cut Express

Adobe Photoshop


costumes and props

Multicultural Dimension: 

Community-focused filmmaking reflects the voices of our student body.

Daily lessons about professional filmmakers highlight only underrepresented voices.

Students are encouraged to tell their own story.

African American Filmmaker Study allows students to learn and educate their peers about this important voice in the world of cinema.

Integrated Learning: 

Poetry Project connects to Language Arts curriculum.

Students can make films for their World Cultures class projects.

Community Project highlights work in other programs, such as PE and other arts.

Foreign Film option allows students to use the language they're studying in school to tell their story.