Door Knocking with Ecotone!

Door Knocking Reflection:

A Day in Powellhurst-Gilbert

 From my perspective, as a teacher, it was a great day.  Both Catlin and PSU students worked together on behalf of Zenger Farm to collect necessary data for the project collaboration. But, more than that, we all got a chance to know the neighborhood and get a better sense of the community by walking the streets and talking to the people.  Here are a few pictures of the graduate students from Portland state University's Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning working with Catlin Gabel students in the PLACE program:

A Reflection on Door-Knocking

I enjoyed the door-knocking tremendously, and found that interacting directly with people in the neighborhood gave me a better insight into the area’s culture than any amount of talking to people who live elsewhere or browsing Internet statistics ever could have. This fact seems almost too obvious to state, but I found the experience of walking between houses and speaking with the people living in them honestly eye-opening.

Japan Trip Progress Report

 Friday we got to hear Andy speak of his experiences in Japan.
hearing his stories and suggestions has gotten me really excited to go! I'm really looking forward especially to exploring areas of Japan. I'm also looking forward to but a little nervous to experience the self-dependence that I'm sure I'll get there.
I saw some white-collared shirts for girls at Target earlier this week that were on sale and will be great for our uniforms, and even though its early, i bought a few because they were pretty nicely discounted. 

Japan Trip Notes 4/16/10

Friday we were very lucky to get to hear Andy speak of his experiences in Japan. Here are some of the things he had to say!

Getting closer to the end of school






Japan Trip April 10th


Hey everyone, this weeks was kind of cut short by MUN. However I still had time to practice my Japanese. It is especially important in class too, because we are learning casual forms that I think will be more commonly used when we go to Japan. Model United Nations was pretty fun, and I corrected the Japanese delegate a couple times. 



Nepal Reflection

Namasté to everyone,
This simple greeting is a wonderful symbol of how Nepal worked its special magic on all. I’ve heard the word translated as “I salute the spirit within you,” a brief, yet eloquent way to recognize another’s humanity.

The start of our service learning work...las pasantías

Spring is in the air and the time has come to move out of the classroom, get involved in our community and put our Spanish to the test.  Since January the class has read about the history of the Hispanic presence in Oregon.  Students have listened to oral histories documenting the Hispanic experience here in the Portland Metro Area and beyond.  We researched and read about organizations and programs designed to improve the lives of our Hispanic nei