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Jewish Babies (and lots of impending tears)

This coming Monday I'll start a month of working at the Beth Israel Preschool located at my temple, Congregation Beth Israel.

I'll usually be switching between the classes of "Two day Twos" (2.5 year olds), "Tweeners" (older 2s and young 3s), "3's and 4's," and "Pre K" (4 year olds). All together there are only about 25 students so the classes are very small. The school focuses a lot on art and artwork so I look forward to helping the kids create! 

International School Chinese Immersion Program Teaching Assistant

For my senior project I am going to be a TA at the International School for the Chinese Immersion Program Pre-kindergartin class. I will shadow Sandy Jiang every weekday from 8:00a.m. until 2:00p.m. 

I'm ready to get this paper, GLIDER, you with me?

I will be working with GLIDER, a tech startup that is backed by Tech Stars from Seattle, the Portland Incubator Experiment, and a handful of angel donors and other VC firms in Portland. Their online dashboard allows clientele to seamlessly manage their business contracts, legal contracts, and obtain deals and signatures. This would normally take business executives a huge amount of time out of their day to manage. By integrating Excel and other Microsoft Office tools, they simplify the whole process. They just launched live in New York for 2000+ people last Monday.

Developing (Myself) At BEAM Development

I'm excited to start working with everyone at BEAM, starting next week (once we get through state golf districts)!

Shadowing a flight instructor

For my senior project I will be shadowing a flight instructor at Hillsboro Airport.  I will be learning about flying as well as many of the aspects of what it is like to be a flight instructor while on the ground.   

The Dough Business

I will be working at the St. Honore bakery on NW 23rd and Thurman. I will be learning not only about the baking process, but also about the business aspect. My project will be multidimensional and I will spend one on one time with the owner, Dominique Geulin, one of the best bakers in the United States, about his life story and how he started his own business just a few years ago.

Physical Element

 For my senior project, I will be working with Jo Carter, an entrepenuer, designer and boutique owner to learn more about the fashion industry and starting up a new business.

Acrylic Paintings

 During senior projects I will be painting and working with Paul Fujita an artist and skateboarder in the Portland area. I will be focusing on the technique of Acrylic Gel transfers and researching their origins and how they work.

Senior Project with Mike Van Liew/Charlie Walsh

 For half of my senior project I will be working with Mike Van Liew as he helps a group of disabled people rehearse. They play music together already at ILR, a community center for people living with disabilities, but at the end of May the group will be touring Portland briefly. I will be the groups drummer, and we will be playing at several elementary schools, a high school, and possibly a performance at Edgefield. For the rest of the time, I will be working with Charlie Walsh on organizing files and other equipment for the new arts building on campus.