Last Week at Fleur de Lis :(

My last week at Fleur de Lis is all over!! At least as an “intern” it’s all over, but I’ll get to return as an employee pretty soon already! I start my actual paid work on June 4th, the same day as the junior rose festival parade, which will go righttt in front of the café. It’s going to be a very busy day. I will also get to work bright and early every Saturday at the Hollywood Farmers Market (which, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably figured out is my favorite way to spend my time working for Fleur de Lis)!!




My Fourth Week with the IYSFF

             My fourth and final week during my senior project with the IYSFF has been the most uneventful and lax week so far. I was initially unsure of what exactly I was supposed to work on, seeing as the festival had already ended the previous week. However, on Monday, I met with JP and Kelsey Jourdan and they immediately briefed me on the next and most important project. My final project was working on background video/narration for the June fourth event.

Week 4 at Visual Aid and Full Brain Films

Since Monday was Memorial Day, I had the day off work at Visual Aid. However, since there was no work, Full Brain Films took this opportunity to get a lot of filming done. We started at about 11:30 AM and went to around 9 PM. For the first half of the day, we filmed at my mentor’s friend’s house who has contributed to this project. This was a serious scene in which the main actor’s friend cries after getting to see the main actor for the first time in a year. Once again, I enjoyed seeing the process the actress takes to achieve these emotions. I thought it was interesting to compare the different approaches each actress took. After this scene, we returned to my mentor’s apartment where we had a break and ate Thai food. We had many great discussions such as India because the project filmed there last year. The next scene that we filmed was the friend showing the main woman her new apartment. After that, we did a scene in the bathroom that was more upbeat and it was quite a change to see the main character laugh in the scene. My mentor did a really cool shot where the focus changes but this was complicated and took a lot of time to get right. The crewmember who operated the focus, Sarah, deserves major applause. Since Sarah did that, I got to take over the boom for the first time. It was exciting yet scary because I didn’t want to be the one to mess up the scene. I had a lot of fun this day and am glad that my last day was this much fun. I plan to work with Full Brain Films a little more before they go to Vegas for more filming.
On Tuesday, I had to leave work early so I mostly spent the day writing the lyrics to the song for the Make-A-Wish music video. My task was to write the lyrics for each segment of time. After a few different attempts, I chose to use 20 seconds but since it would sometimes cut off in the middle of a line I devised a key in which if the line went over the time limit, I wrote a plus for each second and if it started before the time limit, I typed a minus for each second. During lunch, my coworkers and I discussed what to do for the video. I really felt like part of the team and I was confident in sharing my ideas. It was so interesting to imagine the video and convey my ideas with people who have worked in the film industry for years.
On Wednesday and Thursday, I researched music videos. This proved to be much more difficult than I thought. What my mentor wanted me to find is not typically found in music videos so I had to watch a lot of videos because searching for what I wanted on Google did not give me what I needed. My mentor wanted to see how other music videos used the ideas that he has for the Make-A-Wish video.
On Friday, my coworkers took me golfing as a celebration of my internship. It was really interesting and I was surprised how much closer I have gotten with them throughout the month. I was much more shy at the start of May but I’ve slowly let my shell disappear. I had a lot of fun this day and my golfing skills definitely improved. Golf was just one more thing to add to the long list of skills my coworkers have taught me. I hope to continue to work with Visual Aid in any way I can. Perhaps I will be able to be an assistant on another set or help out more with the Make-A-Wish project. I’ve loved both my internships in many ways ranging from the people to the things I learned. I am extremely glad I was fortunate enough to work with these two amazing companies!

Working With Rick Potestio Week 4

My fourth and final week with Rick began on Tuesday. I began by brightening up photos that I took of sketches Rick drew, and he helped me sort through the final photos of the Vancouver house. After lunch we went to run some errands, dropped a bike off in the pearl, picked up his framed pastel from Blick, and I was able to buzz in and drop it off at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). Following that we drove up to two of his very nice clients’ house. We sat at their dinner table and Rick explained the newest iterations of his plans, which he had expertly trimmed to make more affordable.

Senior Project, Week 4

             The last week of my senior project has been another great one with many stories to tell. I spent the beginning of the week continuing at Montessori Northwest and watching the many teachers begin to study for their final exams. I spent my time with three teachers all fresh out of college and ready to focus their time at Montessori. Montessori has many unique techniques that I find extremely useful. For example, the teachers who are accepted in to the Montessori teaching program must feel that they really want to be there.

Timberline Ski Patrol Week 4

I’m going to separate my final blog post into two parts, a brief synopsis of my week then move on to a reflection on my experience as a whole. 


Week 4: The Big Day, Visits, and Free Food!

Everything Good Comes to an End

 I’m just a tad late with this post, but I wanted to postpone this blog post until I had finished work today (I just couldn’t get enough time with Dr. Gupta and his crew.)  So this week and a day was pretty standard, and for this blog post I’m going to focus on a unique case I got to see and cap off my stay with the folks at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute.

Last senior project blog entry

My last week of senior projects was a very fun one. This week, instead of working with Ed Carpenter, I transitioned to the second part of the project, working with Lauren Sheehan, and focusing more on music. Throughout the duration of senior projects, I had been reading “How To Be Your Own Booking Agent,” a book by Jeri Goldstein, a nationally known booking agent, recently retired. The book details many of the processes and includes an innumerous amount of tips in booking gigs, and gaining a reputation. One of the more emphasized topics was one’s online presence.