Final Week at West Coast Sailing

 My final week working at West Coast Sailing was very busy indeed. There were lots of projects to work on, yet I still had a good deal of fun working in the warehouse. Every week has been getting busier and busier as the main sailing season gets closer. The warehouse is currently full of boats, and it would be very hard to fit any more boats into the limited amount of space available. 

Final week

 The fourth and final week at Splash included several creative test shoots (!!), or photoshoots that Sheldon/Ryan/Rebecca/Holly brainstormed to fancify their portfolios. Because May was a slow(er) month in terms of the number of jobs Splash recieves, they each scoured for inspiration and assembled two or three visionary shoots to complete. Rebecca was talking about a fitness shoot that incorporates moving water and emphasizes body movement and Holly was getting excited about shooting some dancers.

Adrenaline Racing Week 3

This week was quite short for me. I was only in the shop Monday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday, so not too much happened. The previous week, a customer had drove back down to Portland after breaking his Lotus 2-11 on his third lap. He had said that oil had just exploded out the right side, and that he was close enough to the pit to just drive in. We thought that there may be some big issue with the oil system, and maybe the motor was badly damaged because he drove it with no oil in the system, so we left it untouched through the weekend. This car is pretty cool.

The end

This week I spent most of my time putting together my presentation. I didn’t actually go to my project due to outside reasons; one being my back was in too much pain to work with horses. I did my final test with the horses and spent a lot of time on excel with my brother. He helped me set up my graph for my project and I started putting everything into a PowerPoint. My graphing system took at least 2 hours alone, and then to be able to format the graph exactly how I wanted it. I kept thinking about what the main things I got out of this experience was.

SORRY this is so late I forgot but BEST week 4 ever

 Week four was amazing! I had such a good time and I found myself when they handed our phones at the end of the week and put us on the bus to go home hating myself because I realized how busy my life was and I wished I could have just stayed at Outdoor School forever. that "Back to reality" song would have been quite appropriate. Alas, I am back, but I am so glad I went! Best time ever and I couldn't have asked for a better week (only maybe multiple weeks!).

Week four


18 pt
18 pt

Week 4

My last week with Alexa was bitter sweet. I was able to learn a lot just in the last couple days. We adapted a pattern that had been messed up so that it had small, medium, and large options. We also made adjustments to it that a costumer had requested and making a one of a kind piece just for them. On Thursday I got to see the fabric my mentor had hand bleached and dyed to create a cool kind of tie dye look. A close up of the fabric is in the pictures below. We used the fabric to make two long dresses with dropping hemlines.

Last Week at Fleur de Lis :(

My last week at Fleur de Lis is all over!! At least as an “intern” it’s all over, but I’ll get to return as an employee pretty soon already! I start my actual paid work on June 4th, the same day as the junior rose festival parade, which will go righttt in front of the café. It’s going to be a very busy day. I will also get to work bright and early every Saturday at the Hollywood Farmers Market (which, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably figured out is my favorite way to spend my time working for Fleur de Lis)!!




My Fourth Week with the IYSFF

             My fourth and final week during my senior project with the IYSFF has been the most uneventful and lax week so far. I was initially unsure of what exactly I was supposed to work on, seeing as the festival had already ended the previous week. However, on Monday, I met with JP and Kelsey Jourdan and they immediately briefed me on the next and most important project. My final project was working on background video/narration for the June fourth event.