Take aways

Throughout my experience interning at Honest PT I learned so much about personal training, the fitness/nutrition industry and even the world of business.  From interning with Paisley I know that starting a business is challenging and hard to do, but that pushing your idea out into the world is an extremely powerful thing.  I know now that the fitness/nutrition industry is HUGE and that there is so much to do in regards to it.  So many people need fitness in their lives, so therefore there are many different avenues

To the Finish: Nama Sheds a Tear


Never thought I’d see the today. But, my last moments of at the Senator’s office provided retribution and continuity. I was given a last research project. The majority of my week was spent on this research. And it was in this process, that I had a moment to step back and look over the skills I had learned. Research had always been a big part of my Catlin Gabel education, but the practice of quick and broad stroked summary was honed in these few weeks. I learned how to quickly look at all sides of an argument and apply what I had learned on OPOV to an office setting and a government context. So that was the some of my work, one last project, one last chance.
Aside from the work I did, I had a chance this week to act as a guide for a former Marine. This quick and off the hand task, was given to me by a coworker and provided a chance to speak with a well-versed veteran on the nuances of security. As I recollected my amazement at the ID requirements and metal detectors, he scoffed. In this man’s experience, it was the least of security measurements. He then recounted all the layers of security he had dealt with over the years as a Marine. This final conversation, for me, brought things full circle. I began this internship with the surprise at daily metal detector checks and ended with a similar conversation and deeper enlightenment on the elements of government security. So the main points that I took away were that the practice of keeping information private is just as singularly important as the information itself. Government operations have usually come across as more shadowy than say, a bakery position. However, it was in this internship that I fully understood why so much was kept under wraps. I saw the steps involved, the people involved, and the work that was done. I was allowed no pictures and could not write on specifics of any of my research or tasks. From this I felt the importance in this secrecy, and was attracted to the work, more than a typical research assignment.
A few more tidbits, for all the discretion involved in work, the camaraderie that I got a chance to see was anything but. An example of this: one coworker in dire need of dental floss asked another. She responded to his question, “Sadly, I do.” The laughter and assurance felt in this moment, showed just how well some of these workers who have sat at the same shifts and swivel chairs, knew each other. He furthered, “If anyone in this office had floss, I knew you would be the one.” This was a shining example of how the office space embraces people in a familial sense. Furthering this end, one day, an office mate asked if I wanted a Coke. I responded, “Yes!” and from then on was considered her fellow addict, and received a fresh one each day. Little moments like this made the whole experience more immersive, enjoyable, and refreshing.

I hope the mice miss me

On Tuesday, because Monday was Memorial day, It was a busy day for us. This was Lance's last day for PTSD test for mice, so we had to do the final experiment and bring them up to Lance and Blair so they could sacrifice the mice. So we did the fear conditioning experiment, which was done in the 6th floor and I brought them through the stairs because we couldnt bring the mice on the elevator. So once i brought them up, Lance and Blair sacrificed them and i did this for the rest of the mice.

Cyber stalking, Getting Stuck Behind Broken Trains, A Visit from Nance, and B**r Runs

My final week at R/West was quite hectic in many ways.

On Tuesday I was assigned the task of cyber stalking the five winners of the #SORELstyleMe contest. I created profiles on each of the girls, compiling as much information on their social media lives as possible. Here’s an example of one of the winner’s profiles:

Larissa May (Larz)
Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) / University of Paris IV: Paris- Sorbonne (Paris, France)

Entry video:

Likes: 1,082

Final Blog Post from Jonty

 Well I feel like I've started every single one of these with some sort of apology for being late, so might as well end the pattern. Sorry this is late. 

But I'm actually glad I've given myself a bit of time since the final day of my time at Hart Wagner to sort of arrange my thoughts about the project as a whole into some sort of coherent nature. I'm the kind of guy who needs organization in my thoughts and the four days that have passed since the final day have given me some time for that. 

Adrenaline Racing Week 4

This week was by far the best. I had finally spend enough time at the shop that I was just another guy there, and didn’t have the “new person” thing going on anymore. Lots of cool cars came in, and we did some interesting work. But Thursday, oh Thursday, I had an unbelievable amount of fun. That was the track day that Eddie had gotten me signed up for, but I’ll save the details for a second.

Week 4: OHSU & Andie. I AM NOT AWKWARD. YES.

             My final week at OHSU with Dr. Hansen was a short one due to Memorial Day on Monday and having Wednesday off once again because it was essentially pointless for me to be in clinic that day because of the completely insanity of the day’s schedule.

week 4

In my final week of the senior project I was only able to come in on Tuesday because I had hip surgery on Wednesday. The middle schoolers finished up their survivor Olympics unit and the younger kids continued through their baseball unit. Christy, who I forgot to mention is the name of the P.E. teacher, decided that they were ready to play an actual game of baseball instead of just doing throwing and catching. So, she explained the rules of baseball to them and also gave me a refresher on the rules. We played with a whiffle ball in the indoor soccer facility.

Week 4

Final Week at West Coast Sailing

 My final week working at West Coast Sailing was very busy indeed. There were lots of projects to work on, yet I still had a good deal of fun working in the warehouse. Every week has been getting busier and busier as the main sailing season gets closer. The warehouse is currently full of boats, and it would be very hard to fit any more boats into the limited amount of space available.