Week 3



Fourth Course: Saving the best for last ;)

My final (unpaid) week at Eat Your Heart Out Catering was a lot of fun. Catering season gets notoriously more intense the closer we get to summer (especially in Portland), so things were in full swing. We had several events this weekend, but I only went to the Beach Bash graduation event. Mostly, I stayed behind in the kitchen to help with the chaos. We had lots of bonus workers in the kitchen including Carolyn, Deon, Jacob, Renee, and some guy whose actual name is Seven (what!?!?).

Week 2

Week 2 has been an interesting week for me as I transitioned from car detail to car servicing. I switched on Tuesday as I felt I had gained full comprehension of the in's and out's of detailing. By the last day of detailing I was acting as sidekick and second pair of hands to help out Jesus in the detailing process. My first day of shadowing involved following a guy named George and he was really helpful at pointing out what each part does on the underside of the car as well as inside the engine bay.

Platt 4

 My final week working at Platt was quite interesting. While I was not able to complete my map, there are other people I worked with who can finish it off now that I am gone.  I did not complete my project; however I was able to make good progress on an unfamiliar system in the process, and I am proud of the work I accomplished during my time at Platt. 

My final week at Little T

 During my fial week at LIttle T i did a lot of the same things that I did earlier however I did them without nearly as muh help. I was able to make doughs without mistakes and sheet dough without Tricia;s guidance. On Labor Day the bakery was really crowded. When I arrived to work at 10, the line of people waiting was out the door! On a couple slows days the bakery I was able to work out front for longer than earlier in the month.

Week 2

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Episode 1!

So Robinson Crusoe just opened last week and WOW, it was an incredible experience. I had worked on Sidekicks which was great and so fun, but it felt kind of different being on stage in front of a crowd of people that I did not necessarily know.

In a flurry at the end, but not really

 And here it cometh, the last week was upon me. How would I open it up that Tuesday? With a Hermes 3000 portable, of course! The machine was suberbly well made, and everything was easy to take apart. The case lifted right off, the carriage was removed by turning to lock washers left and right. Everything was snappy and precision and overengineered. It was a cursive font machine too. Everthing went smoothly with it's overhaul, and I walked away truly impressed with the quality and precision with which the Swiss make mechanical goods. Nothing like a swiss watch?

Last week!

 This last week was shorter than the others, unfortunately. We did much of the same things as the previous weeks during Tuesday and Wednesday, but on Thursday and Friday we had some fun experimenting with other recipes.