Arts Faculty

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The Art of Teaching

Catlin Gabel arts teachers are exemplary mentors for students. Bringing together the best qualities of professional educators and working artists, our teachers  truly practice what they preach. The arts program continually evolves as a result of our own engagement in developing new skills, taking risks, and following our passions.

"The best thing about the arts program at Catlin Gabel is its flexibility. If you have something you'd like to do, the faculty will often be willing to accommodate. For example, in the jazz band each year, the students have a large hand in arranging the holiday medley, more or less composing as a group. In general, the jazz band's material is often determined by the students.

"I'm also thinking of the independent music theory course I did last year with Glenn - he devoted a period each week to meeting with me and he let me run the course myself. He basically acted as my personal maestro for ear training each week, playing things on the piano for me to identify. I can't imagine getting so much one-on-one help from a teacher, in such a specific and flexible way, anywhere else." - Ted (Class of 2010)